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NTC temperature sensor for smart clothing

The NTC temperature sensor for smart clothing mainly refers to the built-in NTC temperature sensor in the wearer’s clothing, which allows people to automatically adjust the temperature in the clothes, which can better keep warm.

This smart wearable temperature sensor uses an epoxy-type NTC temperature sensor. The diameter of the head is 2-8mm, the resistance is 10KΩ, the accuracy is 1%, and the temperature resistance range is -40-80 degrees. Normal use The temperature is within 26 degrees, which makes people more comfortable using this kind of smart clothes.

In addition, the controller set on the clothes can also sense the behavior of people. When people do n’t wear the clothes, it will sense and immediately customize the heating. Using the principle that the resistance value decreases as the temperature rises, put it on again. It will become hot during the period. At the same time, the logo on the back of the clothes can also sense the outside temperature. If the temperature is low, it will turn blue, and the temperature will become white when it is too high. It can sensitively sense the temperature change. Let people monitor the outside temperature in real time.

NTC temperature sensors for smart clothing have broken the pattern of traditional clothing. Due to the diversity of clothing, smart clothing has more colors, types and styles. It is foreseeable that the future of smart clothing will be called the new trend of the clothing industry.