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We understand the strengths and weaknesses of most of Chinese factories, we can accurately target our suppliers according to customer’s needs and provide the best quality products, the shortest delivery time and reasonable service quotation. For the regular product trials of some new project development stages , we adhere to the principle of no minimum order quantity to support customers!

At ATC you can find the best quality temperature sensing and control components suppliers in China! Every year, ATC will audit the suppliers to ensure the quality and technique process of all products, and deliver the products that customers are completely assured of.

ATC has a strict product testing laboratory, installed constant humidity test chamber, thermal shock tester, high temperature test chamber, low temperature test chamber, ultra high precision thermostat, time constant dissipation coefficient tester, product life tester, surge current tester, pressure cooker tester, etc., . we strictly control product quality and life in reliability labs.

We are committed to provide the integrated and accurate service to meet customers demands whatever quality, price, packing, delivery for any orders of small quantities and various items.
To save purchasing cost and time, contact us today!

Sincere, Professional, Excellent, Innovate is our tenet!

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