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Temperature sensor escorts the motor of a new energy vehicle

The electric motor is a key component of the new energy vehicle, and the continuous work keeps the internal temperature rising. In order to ensure the safety of components and normal and stable work, it is necessary to install a temperature sensor inside the motor to detect the internal temperature. TDK’s EPCOS motor temperature sensors are available in a variety of designs to meet different customer and technical standards. For the high temperature environment inside the motor and the harsh environment of long-term vibration, this series of products has passed the long-term design verification and has passed a lot of market verification. In addition, we can order products based on customer requirements. TDK’s embedded temperature sensor is installed in the gap of the motor stator, operating temperature is -40 ° C to +200 ° C, short-term operating temperature up to +220 ° C, withstand voltage of 2.8 kV.
TDK’s snap-on surface mount temperature sensor is mounted on the stator strip of the motor. The operating temperature is -40 ° C to +180 ° C, the short-term operating temperature can reach +200 ° C, and the short-term response time is less than 20 seconds.

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